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Digital Brisbane strategy

The Digital Brisbane strategy aims to kick-start a business revolution to ensure the city capitalises on the rapidly growing digital economy including the online market, currently valued at $US20 trillion, and future-proofs its living standards.

The Digital Brisbane strategy sets clear five-year targets including: doubling the number of Brisbane firms selling products and services online, a 35% improvement in productivity growth achieved through digital technology, and support for 50 promising local digital start-up companies.

Specific initiatives of the strategy include:

  • A new Digital Business Power-up program to help more than 4000 businesses with face-to-face digital training and information forums and a further 30,000 people through web-based support tools per year
  • Grants for budding entrepreneurs with promising digital potential and proactive programs to link dozens of digital business ‘start-up’ operators with potential mentors and investors
  • Launch of the Coderdojo program in city libraries to encourage hundreds of young people how to master digital coding
  • The return of the CLICK! Digital Expo in partnership with Regional Development Australia

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Click here to download the Digital Brisbane Strategy (1.5MB download)

Click here to download the Digital Brisbane strategy launch media release (321kb download)

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