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Round 6 Lord Mayor’s Budding Entrepreneurs Program winners

Adrain Dudok

Adrian Dudok – Skyborne Technologies

“Skyborne Technologies did not want to be ‘just another drone company’, but rather enter the market with something completely different, and much needed. There are two UAV prototypes currently in development, Cerberus and Chimera, which utilise our ground-breaking tri-tilt rotor technology.”

Alexandra French

Alexandra French – NADU

“Our start-up idea was the result of personal frustration and experience colliding with a well-timed opportunity. We are currently developing a device to increase proactive and preventative health care practices for sino nasal health. Our system is called 'NADU' (nasal duo cleaning tool).”

Anthony Brewer

Anthony Brewer – agAlytics

“I founded agAlytics to develop sensor technologies that empower farmers to address the world's biggest challenge – feeding a growing global population in an environmentally sustainable way. We are creating a smartphone-enabled sensor that allows farmers to measure the level of nutrients in their soil available to feed their plants. Because it uses a mobile phone to analyse and display the data, it is low-cost and solves a real and significant problem.”

Crystal Hunter

Crystal Hunter – Social Pops

“Social Pops use 3D printing technology to produce custom chocolate pops in every shape and flavour you can imagine! We choose to operate as a transparent business to engage and equip young people with basic business skills. Social Pops is the company I wish had existed when I was younger. A company that opens its doors and its books to aspiring young people who are interested in business.”

James Beamish-White

James Beamish-White – XY Gaming

“XY Gaming is an online platform where video gamers can challenge each other for cash and glory in all the biggest video game titles like League of Legends, Starcraft 2, Smite and more. We connect to each of these games and automate the game results, match-making, finances and more for the gamers.”

James Oliver

James Oliver – Conweigh

“Conweigh is a mobile freight container weighing service. This approach makes the service on demand and on time, delivering a verified gross mass certificate directly to the shipper, allowing them to achieve legislative compliance.” NB: James and Mason have both been awarded funds for professional development related to Conweigh.

Jason Andrew

Jason Andrew – SmartBooks Online

“SmartBooks Online is a virtual bookkeeping firm that provides a completely digitised and outsourced bookkeeping solution to small-business owners. We couple technology plus a team of accounting professionals in a monthly subscription. We founded SmartBooks Online to take the time-consuming bookkeeping function away from our clients so they have clarity over their financial position and free up their time on the things that matter, like growing revenue, innovating and nurturing staff.”

Kristen Souvlis

Kristen Souvlis – PIXAPOPS

“We started PIXAPOPS to make screen time engaging, active and rewarding for kids, and valuable for parents. We provide a gamified content platform that kids need to engage with in order to receive content. We promote traditional literacy and numeracy, as well as digital literacy. Best of all, parents can choose the amount of screen time their kids have with our lockable Parent Portal and assess their progress on the app.”

Mason Kratz

Mason Kratz – Conweigh

“Conweigh provides a simple product, process and service that provides shippers with a low-cost and time-efficient solution to the meet the weight verification requirement. (It) means shippers can maximise freight supply chain efficient while achieving compliance with the new legislative requirements.”

Melissa Sinopoli

Melissa Sinopoli – LawyerQuote

“As a qualified commercial lawyer, I came to realise how difficult it can be for consumers to find the right lawyer, at the right price. I would continuously have friends calling me asking for recommendations for lawyers with different expertise and whether what they were paying was reasonable. People want information instantly and 24 hours a day. (So) we came up with LawyerQuote – get the right lawyer, at the right price, instantly.”

Nathan Krisanski

Nathan Krisanski – HomePrezzo

“HomePrezzo provides a tool for real estate agents and property professionals to generate informative and engaging content in the form of videos and infographics to build trust and generate leads in their local market. I've been in the real estate industry for eight years and through my experiences I found that most agents lacked the digital marketing skills to effectively communicate real estate statistics and trends to their clients.”

Ruari Elkington

Ruari Elkington – Altruistix

“Altruistix is a Brisbane-based social enterprise working with existing ticketing systems and arts venues to allow patrons to make a small additional contribution when they purchase tickets to arts events they love. This money is then pooled with other Altruistix contributors to purchase new, paid tickets for underserved education and community groups to attend arts and culture events they choose.”

Sarah Moran

Sarah Moran – Girl Geek Helpdesk

“Girl Geek Helpdesk is all-you-can-ask mentoring via subscription, over email. I realised how difficult it was for a lot of women to find mentors, how much we have to pay them and how the ones we want / are available often weren't local to us. We are creating a product to service the need for women to access a variety of mentors in an affordable, ongoing way.”

Skye Anderton

Skye Anderton – Ruby Olive Jewellery

“I’ve had my business, Ruby Olive Jewellery, now for five years and I’m always trying to improve and evolve to meet the needs of my community. I realised that consumers want to feel heard, they want to have a say and they would actually LOVE to become part of the design process. This is where my new idea for user-generated design comes in.”

Todd O'Brien

Todd O’Brien – Urban Swagman

“I was looking for some natural, manly soap and cologne but could only find one company in America that did kind of what I wanted. I figured if I was looking for it, others might be as well, so I taught myself how to make soap, cologne and beard oil from natural ingredients, and Urban Swagman was born!”

Highly Commended

Khuslen Baatarsukh

Wants to develop an app that will easily transfer handwritten text into a digital format using an optical character recognition machine learning algorithms. The target market will primarily be students and researchers who are dealing with reports, which are mathematics heavy.

Thomas Rowe – DiscoveredFM

DiscoveredFM is a web/mobile music streaming platform with the goal of connecting new/upcoming music artists with venue/event managers in areas where they want to play. This platform takes advantage of local music lovers who listen and rate, giving the local venue/event a list of musicians whose music resonates with the local community.

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