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Round 7 Lord Mayor’s Budding Entrepreneurs Program winners

Ben Hallet

Ben Hallett – Vygo

Vygo is the marketplace where everybody can find a teacher. Vygo’s ambition is to be the centralised location where the public can book a tutor, teacher, coach, or mentor in many fields including academic, general interest and business. Through its technology, Vygo will drive community engagement and make education more accessible.

Peyman Moghadam

Peyman Moghadam – Heatogram

Heatogram is the first non-contact and non-invasive muscle activity tracker of its kind for sports. The technology enables you to monitor and manage the progress of recovery and rehabilitation. Heatogram builds technologies to help teams and athletes better understand their muscles’ workload to improve performance and manage risk of injuries.

Samara Cassar

Samara Cassar – Adventure Guard

The core mission of Adventure Guard is to warn users of potential threats while travelling abroad and to make it safer to live in or visiting a foreign country. Through this application, the user will receive push-notifications of crime hotspots when they enter a particular zone (using GPS tracking/fencing).

Ben Coughlin

Ben Coughlin – Backyard Coach

Through Backyard Coach, athletes, schools and clubs can locate a sports coach in their local area. Within the past three months, Backyard Coach has helped connect over 20 coaches to more than 100 athletes.

Elliot Miller

Elliot Miller – Games for Hearoes (G4H)

G4H is a mobile and tablet application, containing a library of games and interactive stories, which focuses on the rehabilitation process for hearing-impaired adults or adult cochlear implant recipients. Making G4H available on touch screen devices encourages personal progression anytime, anywhere.

Iryna Solyar

Iryna Solar – Simply Red

Simply Red is a smart system for recruiting blood donors and matching the recipients with medical centres. Smart filters facilitate the selection of blood type, Rh factor, as well as the donor’s location.

Raphael Cardona

Raphael Cardona – Speak with Scout

Speak with Scout bridges the market gap between consumers on social media and law firms. Scout provides instant, proactive and personal legal guidance and referral services to people seeking legal help and guidance through popular messaging applications such as Facebook Messenger, email and Slack messenger.

Steve Bartlett

Stephen Bartlett – BusyShift

BusyShift is a smartphone app designed for midwives and nurses. The application delivers an audible and tactile alert for midwives and nurses caring for multiple patients during a shift. It promotes safe practice through provision of timely reminders and procedural prompts no matter where in the world a patient is being cared for – it has global appeal.

Lauren Fell

Lauren Fell – Alternative diagnosis for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Lauren is currently researching alternative ways to diagnose Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) – through interactive gaming. As the majority of diagnostic assessments occur with children, and due to the nature of the disorder, a game platform is a good way to facilitate a large part of the session. The tool has the potential to provide further engagement with clients, more enjoyment in-session, and an invaluable way to save time on report-writing for practitioners.

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