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Round 8 Lord Mayor’s Budding Entrepreneurs Program winners

Ian Conway-Lamb - Iridium Dynamics
Highgate Hill

"Iridium Dynamics is developing a drone technology which will provide businesses with long-range aerial inspection, surveying and mapping capabilities. It flies for hours, covering thousands of hectares, or hundreds of kilometres. The aircraft will be affordable enough to own outright. This is in contrast to paying drone or full-scale aircraft operators, which quickly becomes uneconomical with regular flights."

Mia Hickey – Estate Space

Budding Entrepreneurs Program "Estatespace is a platform that empowers people to sell their own home with all the help of an agent, minus the commission.  Sellers will be armed with cutting edge technology and professional advice from licensed agents, town planners, marketing specialists and conveyancers.  It means the home owner will be pocketing what would have been a real estate's commission."

Rhea Mozo – Zenify Me
Fortitude Valley

Budding Entrepreneurs Program "Many retail and professional businesses are moving their business online but find it hard to convert clients through their website. We help clients by generating leads with Live Chat AI Lead Generation. We generate leads for our clients through our AI live chat software from their website, converting them from visitors into actual sales."

Mitchell Robinson – IDU Digital Identification

Budding Entrepreneurs Program "“I’m a 15-year old teen entrepreneur who wants to make a difference in the world. To do this I founded IDU Digital Identification, which aims to prevent underage kids from gaining access to alcohol and allows venue patrons to go out with simply just their phone. Our app is the first of its kind, safely and securely storing a digital version of your ID so that when going out to a bar, pub, club, casino, cellar, festival or nightclub you no longer have to worry about leaving your ID at home or worry about it while you're out.”"

Lachlan Crane - SiteSee

Budding Entrepreneurs Program “SiteSee is a 3D visualisation cell tower analysis and auditing service for telcos and towercos. Our cloud-based service reduces site visits by merging drone technology with intelligent software to digitise, analyse and optimise cell tower infrastructure. From individual towers to complete portfolio audits, SiteSee empowers businesses to make more informed decisions, reduce costs and improve safety by accurately understanding the true state of their cellular infrastructure.”

Joshua Bitossi – Built with Shopify
Eight Mile Plains

Budding Entrepreneurs Program "Built with Shopify is developing solutions for ecommerce stores. Our first product is a website showcasing successful ecommerce merchants using the Shopify platform. Using the insight learnt from these stores we are using affiliate income to bootstrap development of new software for eCommerce stores. Our first Shopify app will connect ecommerce stores to the popular Trello service. Our goal is to continue developing great ecommerce solutions to help merchants sell in new ways, including automated marketing solutions built for Facebook messenger and Instagram.”

Bon Tin – EventCipher
West End

Budding Entrepreneurs Program "EventCipher is a smart event planning solution. EventCipher's technology efficiently navigates the complexities of event regulations and compliance, and also connects event organisers with relevant suppliers, venues and vendors. By making event planning easier and more accessible, EventCipher aims to support businesses, community groups and residents through events."

Nyree McKenzie – Propeller BDM

Budding Entrepreneurs Program “Propeller BDM is a cloud-based, automated bid management platform targeted to global business development teams across the corporate sector. It is currently in the Minimum Marketable Product (MMP) development phase and builds on 20 years’ industry experience and a proven framework for tender and proposal success. The platform will enable collaboration and knowledge capture across the enterprise to improve content quality and accuracy, workflow efficiency and compliance.”

Hunter Stark - Pure GoPro Hire
Holland Park

" Pure GoPro hire creates a platform for the hiring of the versatile GoPro cameras. Our platform allows peers who are nearby to each other to hire out GoPros. We believe that being able to film your adventures is important, so our platform was created to make it easy for people to have access to top-of-the-range cameras, without the need to purchase one.”

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