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Power-Up Small Business Program


Looking to learn more about the latest in social media, digital marketing, e-commerce and web design as it applies to your small business?

Digital Brisbane's Power-Up Small Business workshops are held monthly at a variety of locations across Brisbane and feature different digital topics at each session.

The Power-Up Small Business Program is a low-cost, two-hour workshop where you can hear firsthand from industry leaders about digitally transforming your small business or potential business idea.

Digital Brisbane is paving the way for Brisbane, Australia’s New World City to be a more connected and accessible city and a competitive player in the global digital economy.

Digital marketing tools to improve your business

Amy Scott, Reload Media
Tuesday 13 June
Carina Leagues Club, Carina

Pay per click (PPC) advertising helps you buy your business’s way to the top of a Google search result, but doing it affordably and with impact can take some know-how. Join Amy Scott, Head of Performance Marketing at Reload Media, to gain tips about maximising the benefits of search advertising, display advertising and remarketing to capture the right customers at the right time.

In this workshop you will learn how to set up a Google AdWords campaign including selecting the right keywords, the key to good ad copy and understanding key metrics to maximise your return on investment (ROI).

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Social Media 101

Rachel McLean, McLean Social Media
Tuesday 18 July
Colmslie Hotel, Morningside

Ready to take your social media to the next level? Join McLean Social Media's Rachel McLean and Brisbane’s Chief Digital Officer Cat Matson for Social Media 101 to learn the basics for building a social media strategy and managing your online social presence.

You will learn how to set social media goals and objectives, which social media platform to use, how to identify your target audience and more.

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How to improve your website’s search ranking

Matt Cooper, Alpha Digital 
Tuesday 1 August
Boulevard Gardens, Indooroopilly

In this Power-Up workshop, Matt Cooper from Alpha Digital and Brisbane’s Chief Digital Officer Cat Matson unpack SEO and explain how to structure your website and create content that to improve your SEO rating.

You will learn why SEO is important and how it can be an acquisition tool, how SEO works and what you can do right now and the right questions to ask an SEO company when looking to engage a partner

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How to make your first online sale

Kelly Newbery, Neto E-commerce
Tuesday 5 September
Broncos Leagues Club, Red Hill

Ready to move your business online or looking to start an online store? Having an online shopfront has loads of benefits, from 24-hour trading to the ability to work from anywhere. In this workshop, Kelly Newbery from Neto E-commerce and Brisbane Chief Digital Officer Cat Matson unpack the pros and cons of e-commerce and the components necessary to succeed in online sales.

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Introduction to Content Marketing

Kurt Sanders, Brisbane Marketing
Tuesday 10 October
Carina Leagues Club, Carina

Content marketing is all about using your website, social media profiles, emails and more to build an audience that trusts and buys from your business.

Hear from content marketing expert Kurt Sanders and Brisbane’s Chief Digital Officer Cat Matson about how you can use content marketing to improve your digital marketing strategy.

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Power-Up Networking and Q&A Panel

Cat Matson
Tuesday 7 November
The Capital, Brisbane City

This is the final Power-Up Small Business Workshop for 2017 and an opportunity for all attendees to come together and share their takeaways from the year's program.

The session will start with some facilitated networking, followed by a Q&A panel facilitated by Cat Matson.

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