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CDO Wrap July 2016

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Cat Matson, Chief Digital Officer

Pokemon GO Brisbane

As Pokémon GO continues to break internet records on a daily basis, it would be remiss of me to not comment. Yes, I am playing (but only so I know what it is) … and I’ll admit, I do get frustrated when I run out of pokeballs or try to catch a Zubat. But what I’m most excited about is how this game is driving foot traffic, real traffic, around our city. We’re seeing crowds of people converging on popular Brisbane spots (South Bank, Brisbane Square, Queen Street Mall) to increase their chances of catching pokemons, and our kids wanting to go for loooong walks so they can play … and I’m seeing many enterprising small businesses cash in on the opportunity by buying lures or just promoting they’re near a pokestop (where you can get more pokeballs). The game has only been in market for two weeks, so it’s really early days. But the possibilities for mobile, augmented reality and marketing are being developed before our very eyes.

Regular readers would know that we are committed to increasing the coding capability of Brisbane kids. CoderDojo continues to be one of our most popular programs, with eight Brisbane libraries hosting coding sessions each school term. During the holidays we hosted a very special CoderDojo session with Brisbane’s own Taj Pabari of FiftySix Creations. Taj has developed a build-your-own tablet computer kit, which he took our ninjas through, before they proceeded to learn to code on their self-built devices. You may have seen the story about Taj on 60 Minutes recently … it was a great story and showcased many of the reasons we believe STEM, computing and entrepreneurial skills are so important in the education mix of our children.

Still on the theme of videos, our Power-Up Small Business workshop this month was all about using video in your social media communications and marketing. Digital Brisbane’s social media guru, Rachel McLean, shared with 40 small business operators her tips, tricks and ideas for creating and using video to build your community, and drive real business results. We were reminded that it doesn’t always require a big budget. In fact, some of the most effective case studies we looked at were very low-budget indeed, and we can use one piece of video content over and over again in our social media strategy. Next month we’re looking at all things online marketing – SEO, SEM & PPC – I hope to see you there.

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