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The business case

The benefits of incorporating digital into your business strategy will far outweigh the time, money and effort it takes to implement.

That is the general consensus from digital experts across a range of industries.

In fact, businesses that are highly engaged with the internet are two times more likely to grow and earn twice more revenue, according to Deloitte Access Economics – April 2013.

Here are just some of the wide ranging benefits of embracing digital strategies:

  • More diversified sources of revenue and a larger customer base.
  • Increased productivity and efficiency.
  • More effective supply chain management.
  • Reduced overhead costs.
  • Increased levels of engagement with customers and prospects.
  • Better customer services and customer experience.
  • Greater resilience to growing competition.
  • Increased export potential.

A digital strategy for your business outlines how you plan to use digital technology to improve business processes and outcomes both internally and externally.

A digital strategy focussed on your internal business operations will save you time, money and resources; while a digital strategy focussed on your sales and marketing processes will give you access to a larger client base more quickly, putting you in the best possible position to increase your bottom line.

Internal operations

A digital strategy should drive efficiencies and automate systems within your business which will save you money and valuable time. Most businesses will need a variety of initiatives they can implement gradually to achieve their goals.

You might introduce systems around billing, project management, task and time management and ecommerce with the plan to integrate them over time.

A digital strategy that incorporates internal operations will save your business money and time spent in administration.

Sales and marketing operations

Using technology to drive leads, attract customers, get your brand out and sell your products is a great way to introduce a digital strategy into your business.

The internet is the starting point for consumers researching products and services so if you want to be where your potential customers are, then having a website and communicating online through social media or email is a must.

A digital strategy which sits across the sales and marketing function of your business will also allow you to measure the performance of your activities and help you adapt and target your marketing activities to suit the customers you want to reach.

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