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Database drives digital success for Brisbane accounting firm

FWO Chartered Accountants

A thoroughly segmented database and a digital content strategy tailored to specific sales campaigns is helping Brisbane firm FWO Chartered Accountants to raise its profile and position itself as an expert in its field.

The accounting firm’s tactical approach to building and managing its database is complemented by frequent and focused digital activities that have seen FWO increase engagement with existing clients and actively target a larger audience.

The company began using digital platforms with the launch of its 10-step program to becoming financially well-organised, which encompasses online tools to help clients set goals and achieve their financial objectives in manageable stages.

FWO’s services are aided by interactive web content that is continually updated, including frequent webinars, a blog that is updated at least twice a week and regular e-news tailored according to client type and industry.

FWO Chartered Accountants sales and marketing coordinator Amy Tolley said it was essential the company had a well-designed database in order to effectively communicate with target audiences.

“We are not an average professional services accounting firm in that our products are tailored to specific sales campaigns and we have a very specific market, specialising in law clients,” Ms Tolley said.

“We shape our products to meet their needs and our first step in communicating our products and services is to carefully segment our database and ensure we’re communicating the right information to the relevant audience.

“We have started to increase our level of client interaction in the last quarter and it has been really well received.

“The most important aspect from a branding perspective is that we raise awareness of what we do and profile ourselves as experts in our field – for us the ROI is seeing people easily identify our products.”

Ms Tolley said the firm’s digital marketing activities were extremely cost-effective, helping it to reach a wide audience for a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing.

“My advice to businesses looking to use digital to engage with existing customers and extend their reach is to invest in making sure your database is right,” she said.

“Decide on your target markets and your objectives for each of those markets, devise a plan and make sure you use multiple channels to interact with your audience.”

As FWO Chartered Accountants continues to develop its digital strategy, it is focusing on campaigns with well-defined targets that can be clearly measured.

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