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Digital expansion keeps Brisbane's Fix-a-Frame current.

From its origin as a wood-trade business, Fix-A-Frame has developed its digital strategy to create a seamless integration of services and fluid interaction with customers.

Fix-a-Frame’s digital strategy has allowed it to expand its range of services and better respond to specific needs and requirements for unusual framing, art materials and specialist framing tools.

Managing director David Schummy said: “The core business is still making picture frames, so we have to keep on delivering a physical product, but where it has expanded is that we now develop content, and re-engineer products that can be shipped ‘just-in-time’.”

Customers can now enter the business’s online store through various channels, and the site automatically responds to take them through different paths.

“Communication is a big part of this and we run a series of sequences to lead customers to a specific product or even to develop a new product based on their requirements, at the same time as the interaction is taking place,” Mr Schummy said. 

“The customer sees this as live interaction, but in fact it is a conditional response and online task management system.”

One of the key elements of Fix-A-Frame’s success is the strong focus on creating meaningful content for potential clients and even competitors. 

The company offers content and digital products leveraging a wide range of technologies, including:

  • Free video and audio content, which enables customers to learn about the trade and helps the company identify specific requirements. 

  • digital products such as webinars hosted by the company and broadcasted to live audiences as well as archived. 

Fix-A-Frame’s digital strategy has generated a 30 per cent increase in overall retail sales growth as well as a 15 per cent increase in online sales.

Looking to the future, Fix-A-Frame is investigating ideas on how to bring picture framing into the digital era, such as by providing online framing services to shared pictures. The business also has partnerships with major platforms like iTunes and Amazon to release content and further connect with a broader audience.

This case study was prepared in November 2012. 

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