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We used to be you — marketers and business leaders frustrated by the lack of accountability in media and marketing.

We saw how companies were throwing big budgets at marketing campaigns with no real way to measure their effectiveness.

We were tired of the old model so we decided to build a new one. In our world, all parts of a business are accountable to their ROI.

We're a collective of brand-building data crunchers who approach our work with curiosity and candor, and who pride ourselves on working with integrity. We are Blix.

Examples of our work

This is a curated selection of some of our recent clients.

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    Mission possible: measuring exact ROI of event sponsorship

    The challenge: Understanding whether ambient brand sponsorship drives shoppers into stores. Measuring ROI for sponsored events is a huge challenge for brands like the the Fiat Chrysler Group. While the contribution of a single event to broader brand awareness can be difficult to gauge, attributing post-event sales poses even greater difficulties
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    Fiat Chrysler holds TV advertising to account

    The challenge: Zero accountability for TV advertising Fiat Chrysler Automotive Group faced a challenge common to many companies- they had no system for measuring the impact of their largest channel: TV The solution: Blix TV now delivers real-time response rate & ROI scores across all of Fiat Chrysler’s TV media, improving advertising performance
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