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Empire Mall

Empire Mall is an online shopping platform that provides an affordable home for your online shop. Think of it this way. In the real world people build malls and shops fill them.

Well, we’ve done the same thing with the virtual world. At Empire Mall, we’ve built your shop for you – now all you need to do is fill it and decorate it.

Every Empire Mall shop is a full website with its own domain name of your choosing, which means your shop is YOUR shop - we’ve just helped you build it.

And every shop is not the same. We offer many different products so you can create the perfect solution for your business, no matter whether you’re selling preserves or Porsches.

Best of all, it's FREE to open.

Examples of our work

This is a curated selection of some of our recent clients.

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    Yummbox ... helping a young chef achieve her dreams

    Our client came to us with an exciting niche new business idea. Young and energetic, our client Sheldon wanted to make and sell healthy organic lunches to people of Brisbane. But, she was just starting out so didn't have a lot of money to spend. The solution - open an Empire Mall shop - within a week she was open and smashing it. And still is.
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    Black Seaweed ... a new brand and product testing the online market

    Our client is a designer of the perfect beach accessory. She had an idea and needed a sales outlet. With a full time job already, she wanted to test the waters online but couldn't give it all her time. Solution = Empire Mall. A time efficient, fashionable solution with CRM, sales reporting and social integration, we helped bring the idea to life.
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    This Old Thing ... a market stall who wanted to go online

    Starting as a market stall for a passionate vintage clothes buyer, our client wanted to take her business online. It meant that whilst doing her day job she could still keep sales moving. Our client needed an easy, quick, beautiful and cost effective online solution. The solution was Empire Mall ... online and offline working hand in hand. Success!
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