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KND Digital

KND Digital : Accelerated Thinking

Keeping up with the opportunities and challenges of a digital environment involves being able to think clearly and quickly.

A passive website is rarely enough. The challenge is to project into the shoes of clients, customers, patients, suppliers and distributors and be constantly asking:

What is the most effective way to compete for customers?

How can we drive information and dynamic content that will dominate target market searches and inspire buying decisions?

How can we drive down supply and delivery costs?

How can we drive up buyer and supply-chain convenience?

How can we deliver speed to solution and of service delivery?

Examples of our work

This is a curated selection of some of our recent clients.

  • Case-Study-Aussie.jpg

    Aussie Car Loans

    Aussie Car Loans turned to us to refresh their brand and 7 websites, maintain a top national SEO ranking, grow finance application numbers and continue to add value to their digital strategy. They have seen significant improvement in leads & conversions with an outstanding growth of the business overall as a result. Oh, and it's all mobile friendly
  • Case-Study-Abi.jpg

    Abi & Joseph Ecommerce

    KND turned clothing brand Abi & Joseph's eCommerce shop into a rich user experience using Magento eCommerce. The store has impressive features and enterprise ecommerce capability. We also launched the new store with a viral Facebook and email competition that doubled the number of Facebook likes!
  • casestudies-elite.jpg

    4 Hours To 4 Minutes: Elite Carpet

    Elite engaged KND to solve several issues, especially to reduce the response times from their website through to franchises. We built a MOBILE APP that allows franchises to get web leads via SMS and respond to a customer enquiry within 4 minutes, via their phone with a branded email. Customer data is now at the core of how they do business.
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