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Max Kelsen

Max Kelsen is an analytics and software engineering agency with a passion for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. We source big data to generate big ideas. Our team of data scientists, research analysts and software engineers can provide technical expertise and solutions for businesses.

By gathering, structuring, analysing and integrating data in innovative ways, we can help to uncover rich, actionable insights to drive innovation. By building strong technical partnerships with clients, our team is able to manage a vast array of technical requirements - from cloud infrastructure to digital marketing, so your valuable time can be spent where it is needed most.

Examples of our work

This is a curated selection of some of our recent clients.

  • Max-Kelsen-Machine-Learning.png

    Flokka: Supervised Learning, Made Easy

    Tried and tested at this year’s Myriad Festival, Flokka aimed to crowdsource the classification and training of a simple image recognition model. Using the Flokka slackbot, users were able to quickly sort files from unordered folders or lists into a sorted file structure — ideal for training a machine learning model.
  • Max-Kelsen-Social-Media.png

    Social Listening Case Study: Fast Food in Australia Q1 2017

    Max Kelsen, in collaboration with Sprout Research, undertook an investigation providing an in-depth look at the online conversations surrounding eight Australian QSR brands. This article provides an overview of how we collected and analysed social media content to develop an understanding of how customers talk about QSR brands online.
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