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MindHive brings the collective capabilities of a crowd to an easy access website. It does this by connecting strategy experts, industry leaders and policymakers online. It gathers everyone into one space. Through engaging in an online community, government and industry are able to build capability.

Through collaboration, perspectives and expertise are maximised. There is access to an expanding database of experts who can gather across geographical boundaries. There is choice in the expert opinion sought giving flexibility. Best of all, it’s time and cost effective.

MindHive enables quick and effective linkages in collaboration. The portal of relevant experts available gives a comprehensive outreach in a marketplace for ideas and solutions.

Examples of our work

This is a curated selection of some of our recent clients.

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    MindHive Mobile

    Designed responsively to suit all devices from desktop, tablet to mobile. A modern, intuitive design, that handles and organises all the information well. A database of contributors will be classified according to expertise and experience, so that client organisations can receive feedback from exactly the fields they need.
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    MindHive Homepage

    The technology behind MindHive is an up to the minute CMS enabling the team to have wide control over all aspects of the site. The site will be built in .NET and built as a responsive (mobile enabled) solution, enabling MindHive members to tackle the issues wherever they go. This process of open innovation strengthens links and productivity.
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    MindHive Wiki

    The MindHive Wiki assists member businesses to more effectively access in-market business networks, develop new relationships; secure opportunities to compete and succeed in regional value chains and solve complex business challenges, and build the capability necessary to remain competitive in an increasingly collaborative and open market.
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