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NetEngine develops ruby on rails and javascript web based software applications using test-driven design and agile principles.

We've built applications for the travel, health and recruitment industries as well as for Government and the not for profit sector. We love creating value by connecting disparate legacy systems and visualising data through cutting edge web and mobile interfaces.

Starting as an internal project, NetEngine built so businesses could collaborate with their team & clients, track time, manage projects & create invoices all within one app, while encouraging a more productive workflow. Trigger is integrated with over 50 apps including Google Apps, Highrise CRM, Freshbooks, Xero's online accounting software and many more via Zapier.

Examples of our work

This is a curated selection of some of our recent clients.

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    Entrepreneurs Niall McCarthy and James Tonkin together with their designer Sean Bunton came to NetEngine eager to pivot a niche sports product in a lean and agile manner. Versed in the MVP Lean Startup Model, they wanted to do the most to optimise their product for the least amount of spend.The product? ZOVA. Sports and fitness skills reinvented.
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    Gold Coast, Bond University student, Hollie Gordon, came to NetEngine to give life to her idea which brings students, corporate entities and social causes together to deliver projects with heart. NetEngine educated Hollie in LEAN methodology and agile development and now Hollie finds herself operating as a social enterprise entrepreneur.
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    "TED is a non-profit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading."A TEDx Event is an open source, community organised variant of the TED conference model. NetEngine worked with TEDx Brisbane to create a registration system for their event happening in September 2013.
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