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Q1 Design

The team at Q1 design are innovative technology solution providers. Our solutions let people interact and collaborate. Whether its with colleagues or clients, we help you create, share and sell.

We provide:

- interactive software design

- drop in large touch screen table displays

- collaboration hub solutions

- industry leading project property digital marketing solutions

- mobile apps for business large and small

- interactive solutions consulting

- custom software solutions

Get in touch with us via our website.

Examples of our work

This is a curated selection of some of our recent clients.

  • ppm.jpg

    Property Project Marketing - Spice Development

    Our Property Project Marketing Solutions bring residential development to life with a digital sales platform that puts customers and sales agents in touch with the developers vision. Our process is simple but the results are outstanding. We took a sales brochure and turned it into an interactive sales tool in a matter of days.
  • ch.jpg

    Collaboration Hub - Griffith University

    Our QHub is the quickest and easiest way to work together with digital content. In offices, boardrooms, meeting rooms, universities or schools it take productivity & creativity to the next level...together. QHub is a collaboration hub that allows colleagues and clients to work with and share their content collaboratively and intuitively.
  • vs.jpg

    Vehicle Showroom

    Our showroom soutions let's the sale team connect personally with customers while putting the entire range and their fingertips. We create digital sales tool to assist sales staff in building relationships with clients. Our solutions are all about increasing service and staying ahead in the digital era while providing an immersive experience.
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