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Sketch Corporation

At Sketch Corp., we believe in the best of both worlds: smart creative and creative smarts.

We believe that design and content are at their best when driven by good research and analysis.

We’re not the kind of agency that blindly follows a brief without thinking about it – we’re the kind of agency that helps write it.

The Sketch Corp. team came from big companies in search of an agency where clients are more than just that. A place where we can get to know you and your business and work with you throughout your entire project, no pass you on to the next department.

We’re a new type of agency for small to medium sized businesses. An agency where you have access to your very own marketing and design department, on demand.

Examples of our work

This is a curated selection of some of our recent clients.

  • Op wanted.jpg

    RSPCA QLD | Operation Wanted

    The RSPCA QLD sought Sketch Corp.’s services to develop a campaign to increase the # of pets desexed between Jun-Aug 2015, on previous years. Our approach involved humanising 2 animal characters (Max the dog and Felix the cat) – giving them names, thoughts and feelings – and providing an insight to their destiny as an animal that isn't desexed.
  • TPP.jpg

    The Pentimento Project

    Through cancer, people can feel vulnerable, exposed, weak and raw, and become identified by their disease. These were key considerations for Sketch Corp. when the founder of the Pentimento Project, a physiotherapy clinic focused on cancer rehabilitation, approached the team to develop a delicate but powerful brand and website.
  • Agri.jpg

    Agri Labour Australia

    Founded in 2009, Agri Labour Australia is a permanent and temporary on-hired recruitment agency for the agricultural industry. Sketch Corp. has worked with Agri Labour Australia since our inception, delivering a variety of marketing & design projects, including: - Marketing Strategy - Brand Alignment - Website design - Print material
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