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Customer Journey Mapping Workshop

Event date:
Event start time:
8:30 AM
Event end time:
Event location:
Fishburners, 155 Queen St Brisbane City, QLD 4000

Discover how to deliver an amazing customer experience that cultivates loyal raving fans and increase your profits at the same time.

Are you passionate about ensuring your customers have an AMAZING experience working with you and REALLY want to knock their socks off delivering some serious surprise, delight and exceeded expectations? 

Do you find it hard to get repeat business from past clients and want to know how to improve your odds? 

Are you sick of spending so much time and money on marketing your business and wish you had raving fans spreading the word about how wonderful you are, without you having to lift a finger? 

Do you want to protect your business’s reputation and learn all the best practices so none of your clients ever have even remotely a bad or unsatisfactory experience again? 

Whether you are a start-up, a small to large organisation or a marketing/customer experience professional who has heard of customer journey mapping before, or looked into ways of implementing it in your business or department but the methodology and steps aren’t quite clear, this workshop is for you!

Our one-day hands-on workshop will help you develop the skills and techniques to successfully create and implement customer journey mapping and customer experience strategies in your company.

We all know what it’s like when we put our trust in a business only to be let down and disappointed. I’ve been there, you’ve been there, and it’s not fun is it? Imagine if you could anticipate your customers ever move, thought and feeling and tailor their experience to ensure they are so happy with you that they can’t wait to work with you again and tell all their friends!

You’ll be able to ask questions around customer journey mapping in a safe, relaxed and professional environment, and learn best practices and step-by-step ways to deliver a meaningful and profitable customer experience via the power of customer journey maps.

/// The experience

This one-day workshop will give you a comprehensive understanding of the key customer journey mapping principles, tools and methodologies.

It will be a hands-on workshop with role-playing, inspiration and knowledge-sharing so you can walk away with a clear idea of how to connect with your customer.

After this workshop, you will be able to expand your empathetic self to understand and tune in with what your customers really need.

No prior knowledge on design thinking and CX is required—we will use design thinking and marketing foundation principles to bring you up to speed.

You will learn how CX and journey mapping can help grow loyalty and revenue in your business as well as promote customer advocacy and recommendations.

8:15 Registration & hellos

8:30 Introduction to CX & customer journey mapping fundamentals

10:15 Morning tea & coffee hit

10:30 Exercise: Empathy map & types of customer journey maps 

12:00 Lunch and leg stretching

12:30 Exercise: Salsa dancing (kidding)… avatar development

1:30 Exercise: Creating customer journey maps

3:30 Afternoon tea

3:45 Types of research methods

4:30 Pro tips for facilitating workshops

5:00 Workshop end… *tear*!

Please note this agenda may be altered to ensure we provide the value you deserve on the day.

/// How will you feel after the workshop?

You will feel empowered, inspired and ready to take action the moment you leave.

You will meet likeminded people who, like you, want to find a clear path to success in business while being more human-centric.

You will have a better understanding of customer journey mapping and CX so you can implement an action plan that attracts your audience.

You will feel confident and prepared to try a few different ideas and be agile in the way you approach your business.

You will understand why creating something meaningful for your customers is important and profitable for your business.

You will know how to make it all happen by using the tools we teach you to take action and even host your own workshops.

/// What will you learn?

why CX and customer journey mapping are such valuable tools in today’s ‘era of the customer'.

about the types of customer journey maps with our step-by-step guide on how to use them and their individual pros and cons.

how to foster a purpose-driven, empathetic culture in your business to achieve desired results.

how to build customer personas and what information you actually need.

how and when to use an empathy map.

how to walk in your customer’s shoes so you can understand them better.

how journey maps can help you save time by identifying and prioritising your CX and marketing efforts.

the best daily and weekly actions for a business to take to become customer-centric.

how to make your organisation believe in CX and journey mapping benefits.

how to maintain and delight your customers across all your channels and touchpoints.

how to attain new customers with limited to no marketing budget.

/// Who should attend?

Start-ups and entrepreneurs who want to learn more about customer experience and customer journey mapping and its benefits.

CEOs and founders of established small to large organisation who have faced challenges gaining and maintaining customers.

Marketing, customer experience or user experience professionals who would like a more holistic approach to their projects.

Entrepreneurs with an existing service or product who need help understanding their customers’ needs and desires.

Anyone passionate about innovation, design thinking and CX, who is willing to do things differently and be more empathetic while getting business results.

Anyone who wants to improve their existing marketing and CX knowledge.

/// Tools we’ll give you

Industry case studies

Empathy map template

Personas template

Research framework

Customer journey mapping templates Prioritisation

framework for all marketing activities

CX framework and methodologies

Hands-on replicable exercises

/// Bonus:

All attendees will receive:

a one-hour strategy session (worth $250) with Ale Wiecek from Sqr One.

exclusive access to the Sqr One Facebook community (BETA), where you can meet like-minded CX and marketing professionals who like you want to make a difference.

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