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Digital round-up with Cat Matson


I was introduced at an event the other day with the words: “I feel like Cat is everywhere at the moment” … and I feel like my host was not wrong. I have spent a lot of time this month talking to small business owners about “cool digital tools” at the Lord Mayor’s Business Forums as well community groups like the Brisbane Small Business Expo & the Bayside Women in Business Small Business Expo. 

This past month though I also travelled to Daejeon, Korea, to participate in the Daejeon Global Innovation Forum, hosted by the World Technopolis Association. This forum is an opportunity for policy makers, researchers and innovation practitioners from around the world to come together and learn from each other’s experiences. It was a humbling experience for me as I discovered that regions from all around the world, developed and developing, are grappling just as we are with the changes in the global digital economy. From our hosts in Daejeon, where technology innovation has been driven and supported by government, to Nigeria, Indonesia as well as Europe and the US, we are all facing similar challenges in ensuring innovation spreads throughout the communities we live and work in. It was an honour too to represent the only Australian city participating in the conference and to join in a panel conversation with colleagues from around the world about fostering innovation among our SMEs.

Collaboration was a key theme in Daejeon and at the recent Federal Government policy hackathon (which I viewed from afar via the #policyhack tweet stream). The hackathon demonstrated a high level of willingness among those in the start-up community to collaborate towards the best outcomes. Congratulations to all involved

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