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New online tool launched for small business


Brisbane digital specialist KND Digital has launched a new online program to help small businesses assess their entire digital strategy in just 10 minutes.

The program, called Your Digital Compass, was created by local developers after 11 years of working with a number of small businesses and seeing the challenges they faced to understand the vast digital landscape.

Through the KND Digital website, businesses can now get a snapshot of their overall digital performance after answering a 100-question survey, which assesses 10 key online areas including the website itself, branding, mobile accessibility, social media and CRM.

Once completed, the user will receive a scorecard along with an individually tailored report prepared by digital specialists.

The report provides tips and recommendations on creating a multi-faceted online strategy to increase leads and ultimately generate revenue.

The program has already helped more than 50 small businesses, one of which is Brisbane-based building company Olemus.

Olemus director Rod Pym said the online tool was an eye-opener for his business, identifying gaps in its marketing strategy, and opportunities for improvement.

"A few weeks ago we were reviewing our marketing spend for the next financial year, but as a small business one of the biggest challenges is getting your dollar to go the distance,” he said.

"The report provided was extremely comprehensive and in about 10-15 minutes gave us a much better understanding of how to position our business online.

"Digital marketing moves so quickly that it is hard to keep up. We didn’t know where to focus our online marketing efforts most effectively and this tool gave us an in-depth guide as to what to do next.

"It has opened our eyes to all our options, so we actually understand that having a website itself isn’t enough. You need a multi-channel approach to drive traffic and inquiries, so it has sharpened our focus.”

KND Digital director Jason Hawkins said Your Digital Compass would be a real turning point for many small businesses that either didn’t have a full understanding of all the online elements, or simply didn’t have the time or resources to do the research.

“The digital landscape is vast. There are numerous online tools, marketing approaches and so many opinions about what the best online strategy is,” Mr Hawkins said.

"I have seen so many small businesses struggle with understanding what to do, where to improve and all the different aspects of the online mix.

"This tool was designed as a quick online survey, and at the end any website can receive a completely free report to help build an effective online strategy for their specific needs."

Your Digital Compass can be trialled at

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