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Website content and expert knowledge key to digital presence


“Don’t be afraid to use social media and take good care of your website content”

For companies looking to build their digital presence, these are two gems of advice from Craig Scroggie, CEO of innovative and groundbreaking Brisbane-based technology company NEXTDC.

According to Mr Scroggie, ensuring you have an overall website content management team pays off when it comes to ensuring your website remains relevant, on message and appropriately resourced.

NEXTDC created Australia’s first national network of purpose-built data centres, aiming to give customers instant access to remotely-housed IT infrastructure.

The website of a company like this is vitally important to its current and future customers, especially because the business is ASX 300 listed.

But while it makes sense for the company to have different contributors for website content, the overall strategy and content structure is decided by the marketing team.

“They assess user statistics and optimise the site to improve user journeys and conversions,” Mr Scroggie said.

NEXTDC also engages with various stakeholders online through social media channels.

“We have a presence on each of the major platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter) and our marketing team post regular content and respond to comments or questions posted by our followers,” he said.

To remain on top of the latest technological trends needed to grow and prosper, Mr Scroggie said the secret came down to hiring the right experts.

He suggested appointing a specialist digital recruiter.

“We have a highly experienced and well-connected leadership team with many years of experience in the technology space between them,” Mr Scroggie said.

“Added to that, our board of directors is comprised of executives with technology expertise.

“We monitor news and attend industry events to keep up to date with new innovation and we also hire top talent and select suppliers who are standouts in their field to ensure we are ahead of the field.”

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