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Brisbane entrepreneur launches digital jobs site


Brisbane entrepreneur and web developer Paul Dunstone has launched a new website connecting freelancers and businesses from around the world, and it is receiving strong local and international attention following its public release. was developed over two years and was born from Mr Dunstone’s frustrations with existing freelancing sites.

As a former freelancer, Brisbane-based Mr Dunstone said there were real opportunities to improve on the existing market offerings, with improved usability and more dynamic features.

“I had been on other freelancing sites and often got completely lost, so my first priority was to address the usability issues in the market and make our site as simple to use as possible for our members,” he said.

“Then when we found a gap on other sites, it led us to develop a service where freelancers could pre-package their freelance services and resell them as proven offerings…we felt we were really heading in the right direction.”

Mr Dunstone said this was something that hadn’t been seen before on this scale, and it gave contractors the opportunity to showcase themselves through their portfolios of work, and reach a truly global audience.

“With a focus on providing more visual contractor portfolios, among other things, Job Stock really does provide an extensive array of features for potential employers to peruse when considering whether to hire a given freelancer,” he said.

“We’ve put a lot of time and effort into how we showcase contractors and their skill sets, and how they’re able to present themselves across our site.”

The site also includes a detailed reviews process so both employees and employers can be rated effectively, a feature Mr Dunstone said was unique to Job Stock. includes more than 250 jobs categories, and more than 1300 different skills sets within those categories, meaning potential employers can search for nearly any imaginable skill across the Job Stock marketplace.

Since its launch in June, Mr Dunstone said had already received strong user registration figures from Australia, America and India, as well as many other nations throughout Europe.

“We’re finding that we’re seeing similar member registrations numbers from Australia as we are from America and India, which traditionally have a higher number of freelancers”, he said.

“I think there’s definitely a growing trend in the business community around the world, with many businesses utilising freelance contractors on a regular basis for set projects.

“And why not, when you can use digital technology to access highly skilled professionals anytime, anywhere, who have the relevant skills set to get the job done for a fraction of the cost. It’s a no-brainer really.”

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